James Leavey

James Leavey

James Leavey is the son of a German U-boat officer, grew up in London and now lives in Cowes.

He was the first person to write an advert for satellite TV in 1984, when he helped launch BT’s Firebird software – one of the UK’s most successful and influential games companies.

He has since written extensively on business, travel and leisure for over 100 publications including World Cruise Industry Review and is Britain’s most smoker-friendly journalist and broadcaster.

Editor of the world famous FOREST Guides to Smoking in London (and Scotland) and chief taster for Cigar Buyer magazine, he has smoked Havanas in voodoo ceremonies in Brazil, on stage at the Royal National Theatre in London, in Vienna’s sewers, in Dublin’s main prison, and on desert islands.

On his 60th birthday he christened the Churchill smoking lounge of Cunard’s Queen Victoria. It seemed like a good idea at the time. New Window

He is also the former marketing and PR manager of Firebird publishing. New Window

You can find out more about James at his personal website New Window.

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